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A successful 30-year record of
structured finance, supply chain and of
identifying undervalued or troubled assets.

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Company History

MFC Bancorp Ltd. has a successful 30-year record in finance, and of identifying undervalued or troubled assets, profitable turnaround opportunities and low-risk restructuring methods for problem operations. The MFC team has deep expertise in the resource, medical and logistics business, with expertise in creative financing and the maintenance of low levels of risk.

Our History

Name changed to MFC Bancorp Ltd.


The company was renamed MFC Bancorp Ltd. to better reflect its business going forward. It also changed its NYSE ticker to MFCB.

MFC acquired a licensed Western Europe Bank in Malta


Which was renamed MFC Merchant Bank ("MFCMB") MFCMB is a fully licensed commercial bank in the European Community, that will specialize in trade and structured finance.

MFC acquired F.J. Elsner Group


MFC acquires F.J. Elsner & Co. GmbH, a global commodity company focused on steel and related products which was founded in 1864 with its head office based in Vienna Austria.

MFC acquired the Fesil Group and Possehl Mexico


MFC acquires FESIL AS Group, a vertically integrated supply-chain management company with a production facility in Norway, sales companies in Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, United States, India and China, and an interest in several quartz deposits in Spain.

MFC acquires Possehl Mexico a supply chain management company established in Mexico with sales offices throughout Latin America offering a wide range of products and services to industrial customers.

MFC Industrial completes acquisition of Compton Petroleum Corporation


Compton Petroleum Corporation is actively engaged in the development and production of natural gas, natural gas liquids, and to a much lesser degree, crude oil in western Canada.

MFC Industrial acquires distressed Iron Ore Mine


MFC partners with Alberici Group, Inc. a Missouri-based multinational design-build and construction services firm with a strong presence in the region, which also holds an equal interest in Pea Ridge Iron Ore Mine located in Sullivan, Missouri, USA.

Name changed to MFC Industrial Ltd.


In August 2011, the Company announced its intention to rename itself MFC Industrial Ltd, and to change its NYSE ticker to MIL. The concurrent intention is to spin out to the shareholders several assets not directly relevant to the global commodity supply chain operations, or to sell those assets and pay out a special distribution to the shareholders.

Name change to Terra Nova Royalty Corporation


In 2010, after the successful reorganization of KHD, the Board decided to spin out the KHD operations to the shareholders and to resume its trading on the Frankfurt Exchange. That spinout was accomplished in four tranches over 2010, and the company changed its name to Terra Nova Royalty Corporation, which has traded on the NYSE as TTT, with its primary assets a cash-rich bank account and a royalty stream from the Wabush iron ore mine in Newfoundland. In mid-2010, the Board decided to re-integrate Mass Financial Corp (the former MFC Bancorp) into the company, and that merger was approved by both sets of shareholders and finalized prior to the end of 2010. The new corporation, a global supply chain management company, has interests in metals refining in Europe, and global energy operations in oil and gas related businesses, and handles supply chain management and logistics for clients all over the world.

Mass Financial Corp. created


In 2006, the majority of the financial assets of the former MFC Bancorp were transferred to a subsidiary known as Mass Financial Corporation (Mass), which began to trade in Vienna, and the shares were distributed to shareholders.

Renamed KHD Humboldt Wedag International Ltd.


In 2005, MFC Bancorp identified an undervalued and troubled opportunity, Humboldt Wedag AG. (KHD AG), a 150-year-old German basic materials company specializing in cement plant engineering. It acquired control of KHD AG, which was traded on the Frankfurt Exchange, and implemented a new strategic plan with new access to capital and a new management team. Over the next several years the company grew in value well more than tenfold, and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. MFC changed its name to KHD Humboldt Wedag International Ltd (KHD), and KHD began trading on the NYSE.

MFC Bancorp Ltd. created and spun-off


Fast forward to 1996, when MFC Bancorp Ltd. (our predecessor name) was created and spun off as a dividend to shareholders.

Acquires small real estate company


The company began in 1984 with the acquisition of a small real estate company.


MFC has a strong history of returning equity to shareholders. An original shareholder of MFC Bancorp in 1996 has seen his investment grow substantially through spin-outs, cash distributions and dividends.


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